‘Fan’ – Shah Rukh Khan

I am not a #Fan or a #Jabra Fan of SRK (Hashtags are a way of life!) What has intrigued me all these years is how a small time TV actor found his way into the hearts of millions of people all over the world.

Yeah! I am talking about Shah Rukh Khan who made his Bollywood debut in the film Deewana riding a motorcycle singing the song “Koi Na Koi Chaahiye Pyaar Karnewala …. Koi na Koi Chaahiye hum pe Marnewala!
Well! He went on to become the superstar of Bollywood and has reached a point where he can act in a film on him and only him. That’s what Fan is all about.

So we have SRK as the Hero & The Villain. Yeah its a trend now! (Tera kya hoga Kaalia)

Srk & Srk. Commercially, its a treat for Shah Rukh Khan Fans because the film has SRK in every frame. I really enjoyed the first half of the Film. Was surprised when the interval came. I was like interval jaldi hogaya

A fanatic particularly, a look alike fanatic, can be a dangerous one.

Only if the second half had been more realistic. Maybe a few more dialogues between Gaurav and Aaryan instead of having srk running after srk most of the time in the film.

Too be frank, there was room for more scenes for Aaryan Khanna the superstar. The audience would have loved to see the everyday life of a Superstar. We Indians love cricket, Bollywood and Fan had the perfect theme – BOLLYWOOD. I was like Yeh Dil maange more …


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